Remerkable Places to Visit in Jaldapara National Park

Places to Visit in Jaldapara;

Jaldapara National Park, an extension of the Dooars in North Bengal, is a natural life refuge. The public park, which is located in the lower sections of the eastern Himalayas and on the banks of the River Torsa, is a popular tourist destination in the state and is also visited by untamed life enthusiasts, bird lovers, and photographers from all over the country. Jaldapara is easily accessible by road, train, and air from November to February, then again from March to June when creature spotting is easier. Aside from the public park, there are several more attractions in and near Jaldapara.

Jaldapara National Park

 Jaldapara National Park - places to visit in jaldapara
Jaldapara National Park – places to visit in jaldapara

The main attraction of Jaldapara is, of course, the public park. The public park is a sprawling 216-kilometer-long grassland with areas of riverine forests. Jaldapara National Park, which has a diverse range of vegetation and is home to the largest population of Indian one-horned rhinoceros, was designated a safe-haven in 1941 for the protection of plant, animals, and rhinos threatened with extinction. Aside from rhinos, tigers, elephants, sambhar, deer, woofing, spotted, and horde deer, buffalo are also common. It also has a large number of birds such as falcons, wildness fowl, peafowl, partridge, hornbills, and so on. Travelers may go on a vehicle or elephant safari to explore the environment and discover wildlife.

South Khairbari National Park

 South Khairbari National Park - jaldapara national park images
South Khairbari National Park – jaldapara national park images

South Khairbari National Park, which includes a nature park and a leopard rehabilitation center, is only 11 kilometers from Jaldapara. The recreation facility is in a beautiful environment, with the River Boori Torsa running through it. Battery-powered cars transport visitors through the recreation center, which is an interesting place to visit. Tigers rescued from the market are transported here for rehabilitation. A left turn going from Madarihat towards Birpara leads visitors to Khairbari and is a route where elephants are frequently observed. There is also a Watch Tower along the river from which visitors may observe panthers.

Chilapata Forest

Chilapata Forestjaldapara sightseeing

This dense woods may be found near Jaldapara National Park on the outskirts of Jalpaiguri. It is around 20 kilometers from Alipurduar and a few minutes from Hasimara town. The West Bengal Forest Development Corporation operates an eco-the tourism industry resort at Kodalbasti (WBFDC). The dense forest and natural vibe are excellent for a retreat, and it is well worth a visit. Going through some lone minutes in the wilderness with the peeping of birds breaking the silence every now and then is beneficial to the soul and mind.

Gorumara National Forest

Gorumara National Forest - places to visit in jaldapara
Gorumara National Forest places to visit in jaldapara

This is another fascinating location in West Bengal’s Dooars region and a frequently visited tourist destination. It’s around 80 kilometers from Jaldapara National Park and is on the banks of the Raidak and Murti rivers. The Asiatic one-horned rhino, buffalo, and Asiatic elephants are all widely known in Gorumara. In 1895, it was designated as a preserve woods, and in 1949, it was designated as a wildlife sanctuary. The National Park has an area of 80 square kilometers. Streams Indong, Jaldhaka, and Murti flow through the recreation facility, providing an excellent view of the scene.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

aldapara gorumara national park
Buxa Tiger Reserve – jaldapara gorumara national park

The Gangetic plains and the Himalayas restrict the size of the Buxa Tiger Reserve, which is located in the Alipurduar region of north Bengal. Visitors may see Sambar deer, Asiatic elephants, gaur, Indian panther, and Bengal tiger, as well as over 284 different species of birds. This was the fifteenth tiger rescue in the country, made in 1983. The preserve encompasses eight different types of backwoods, such as northern dry deciduous, low alluvium, and northern tropical evergreen forests, among others. There is a major milestone here, the Buxa Fort, which was captured by British-India from Bhutan during the Bhutan War. A trip to Buxa Reserve is worthwhile.

Kunja Nagar Eco Park

Kunja Nagar Eco Park - places to visit in jaldapara
Kunja Nagar Eco Park – places to visit in jaldapara

There is an Eco Park located in close proximity to Jaldapara Park. It is a well-known excursion where visitors may view deer, gharial, parakeets, and a few rhinos and elephants. Wild creature sightings are infrequent here, but there is a Watch Tower where visitors may have a sense of being incredibly close to nature. The nights are beautiful here, and seeing the sun set over the wilderness is an unforgettable experience. There is a Forest Bungalow for those who want to stay for the evening. It’s incredible to be up in the Watch Tower on a full moon night.

Gajoldoba and Apalchand Forest

A one-hour journey from Jaldapara takes visitors to the Gajoldoba repository, which was formed by the Teesta Barrage for irrigation reasons. The Baikunthapur Forest encircles it. This is an outstanding must-see destination from Jaldapara for bird lovers and photographers. This is because, as a result of the supply and the thick forests around it, it has become a home to a few kinds of birds, some of which are quite rare. These birds may be found as far north as Central Asia and Ladakh. Among the various species that may be seen here are the extraordinary Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Greylag Goose, Bar-Headed Goose, Common Shelduck, Tufted Duck, Common Teal, Spot-charged Duck, Indian Cormorant, and Indian Pond Heron.


Jayanti – jaldapara national park images

Jayanti is one of the settlements located inside the Buxa Tiger Reserve. The little woodland settlement is built along the banks of the River Jayanti, which forms a border with Bhutan’s hills. The lovely town provides visitors with an enthralling viewpoint on environmental concerns, and the sheer excellence is endearing. The harmony and smoothness of the location are really relaxing, and one may spend hours close to the river paying attention to the silence. Jayanti is well-known among mountaineers. The trail from Jayanti to Buxaduar is 13 kilometers long and winds through the Tiger Reserve’s dense forests. The thrilling traveling trail attracts couples and is a memorable experience.

Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar – jaldapara sightseeing

Vacationers planning a trip to Jaldpara might save money by driving down to Cooch Behar. It is located 60 kilometers from the public park. Cooch Behar, an illustrious state before India’s independence, was later absorbed into the Indian Union. The castle, which is shown on the Buckingham Palace in London, is a stunner. The castle, a terrifying structure sprawled across a vast area, attracts a large number of people. Aside from the royal home, there are several well-known shrines in the area, such as the Madan Mohan Temple and the Siddheswari Kali Temple.


Alipurduar is a major location in north Bengal that serves as a gateway to the upper east provinces of India and Bhutan. A large portion of the Dooars currently falls under the jurisdiction of Alipurduar and is only 50 kilometers from Jaldapara. Dooars is without a doubt Alipurduar’s most popular attraction, and visitors drive down from Jaldapara on a regular basis for a tour of the backwoods region. Alipurduar’s craftsmanship and speciality also pique the interest of visitors. The social legacies of diverse cultures are represented by their affects. Various fairs, such as Lossar, Theugap, and Karam, have been celebrated here over time.

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